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List of Terms: Terms beginning with "B", Page 10

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B: Page 10 of 15.

be best
be big
be bitter
be black
be bland
be blue
be blue(ish)
be blunt
be bold
be boring
be born
be brackish
be brave
be bright
be brown
be calm
be carefull
be careless
be cautious
be ceremonial
be certain
be cheap
be chewy
be civilized
be clean
be clear
be clever
be clipped
be closed
be clumsy
be cold
be complex
be concerned about
be confused
be contemptuous
be conterfeit
be cooperative
be corrupt
be crazy
be cunning
be cursed
be dangerous
be dark
be dark green
be dark red
be dead
be defective
be delicious
be dense
be depressed
be developed
be different
be difficult
be dirty
be disgraced
be disgusting
be dishonest
be dishonored
be disloyal
be displeased
be distracted
be dried out
be drunk
be dry
be dull
be dumbfounded
be dyed
be early
be easy
be effective
be empty
be energetic
be enough
be entire
be essential
be evil
be excellent
be exceptional
be excited
be exhilarated
be expensive
be expert
be fair
be fake
be false
be famous
be fanatical
be far
be fastened
be fat
be fatal
be fed up
be few
be fierce
be filled up
be final
be finished
be flat
be flexible

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