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Movies Dictionary INDEX:

List of Terms: Terms beginning with "B", Page 11

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B: Page 11 of 15.

be foolish
be forceful
be foreign
be formal
be fortunate
be free
be fresh
be frozen
be frustrated
be full
be funny
be good
be great
be greatest
be greedy
be green
be grouchy
be guilty
be handful
be happy
be hard
be harmful
be harmonious
be hazardous
be healthy
be heavy
be heroic
be high
be higher
be honest
be honorable
be honored
be horizontal
be hot
be hungover
be hungry
be icky
be identical
be ignorant
be ill
be illegal
be immortal
be impatient
be important
be impressive
be in distress
be in motion
be inattentive
be incompetent
be independent
be inferior
be inhabited
be injured
be innocent
be insightful
be inspired
be insubordinate
be intelligent
be interesting
be intrepid
be invigorated
be irritable
be jealous of
be jinxed
be killed
be lame
be last
be late
be lateral
be lazy
be left over
be legal
be lenghty
be light
be light green
be light pink
be light red
be loathsome
be locked
be long
be loose
be low
be loyal
be lucky
be lumpy
be mad
be many
be mature
be mean
be messy
be mistaken
be mortal
be motivated
be near
be nearby
be necessary
be nervous
be new
be next in sequen...

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