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List of Terms: Terms beginning with "B", Page 12

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B: Page 12 of 15.

be noisy
be nonspecific
be normal
be not good
be obsolete
be odd
be old
be open
be opened
be orange
be parallel
be passionate
be patient
be perfect
be perilous
be permanent
be plain
be pleased
be popular
be positive
be possible
be powerful
be preferable
be pregnant
be prepared
be present
be primitive
be profound
be prosperous
be protected
be proud
be pungent
be pure
be putrid
be qualified
be quiet
be rare
be raw
be ready
be red
be remote
be reprehensible
be repugnant
be responsible
be restless
be rich
be right
be ritualistic
be rotten
be rough
be rowdy
be rude
be ruthless
be sad
be safe
be salty
be satisfied
be sealed
be secret
be secured
be self-confident
be selfish
be serious
be several
be shallow
be sharp
be shiny
be shocked
be short
be shut
be sick
be silly
be simple
be sincere
be skilled
be slimy
be sloppy
be sly
be small
be smart
be smooth
be soft
be solid
be sore
be sorry
be sour
be special
be splendid
be stable
be stained
be standard
be sticky
be stimulated
be strange
be strong
be stubborn
be stupid
be sufficient
be superficial

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